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After receiving complaints about a penny auction site called Swipe Auctions, formerly known as SwipeBids, we wanted to make sure our readers knew to stay away from them. We wrote a review on SwipeBids earlier and told people about their poor customer service and delivery times, but we had no idea they were this bad.

Apparently, people have been waiting weeks to months without receiving their products. This is absolutely terrible and goes to show you that you HAVE to do your research before jumping into Penny Auctions. The websites we list here on Penny Auctions Review are all top quality sites that we’ve used ourselves to get the best new products.

The thing is, we can’t review all the new penny auction sites that pop up, by ourselves. We need YOUR help! So whether you have a good review or a bad review of a site, please send them to us at support@pennyauctionsreview.org. We’ll be sure to take a look into it and decide whether or not we should post it on our website.

For anyone that’s had a negative experience with a penny auction site, please don’t think this is how they all operate. There are a lot of great sites out there that let you purchase the product you want at retail prices WITH the bids you’ve already bought. That means you either have the chance of paying the regular retail price for the product OR you could end up winning it for a HUGE discount.

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5 Responses to Swipe Auctions Scam

  1. Tyler says:

    Great blog with a nice setup, I love the reviews you guys have been putting up for penny auctions. Keep up the good work!

  2. Willow Pen says:

    I tried bidding on swipe auctions several months ago when they were still around and they were pretty bad. I didn’t like them at all because I couldn’t win anything, and I ended up not winning a darn thing. but I just tried DealFun because of all the good reviews on your site and I won a new iPhone and a new iPod mini! I received everything I won in the mail in less than two weeks and its the holidays. DealFun is a fantastic site and I’m going to try BidRivals next. thanks for all the reviews

  3. Quayle says:

    I’ve been taking a look at the sites you recommend and they seem like legit penny auction sites. I’ll let you know if I win anything on them

  4. Dusty Santos says:

    Can you review another PA site called BidZinga?
    I have a very bad experience with them which I wrote to them about:

    Can you explain to me how bidder “trustor” won Auction 11644 (a measly 10 Bid Package) under these circumstances:
    there were four bids beginning with mine at $0.05, “needDgear”, followed by “trustor” up $0.10 then mine $0.15 then trustor at $0.20. The last thing I did was to click the bid at 2 seconds but trustor won it at $0.25! For one thing how can he bid again right after he bid $0.20 and why didn’t my bid register despite the time and the circling arrow before the bidding suddenly ended in favor of “trustor”?

    I actually had my doubts earlier from the start after I reported the flickering display and then I experienced similar frustrations but did not report them. This latest incident just proves that something is terribly wrong here and I cannot help but think this is a scam since I have invested $400 bucks trying to win an item which I never did despite my efforts. But how could I? I could not even win the least costly auction if this is your system.

    I have given you the benefit of my earlier doubts but now I shall write all my experiences in several blogs and other reviews and see to it that I could at least convince a few folks that this is all a scam.

    I can email you the offending auction webpage if you like.

  5. Dusty Santos says:

    Posting my continuing saga of an email thread about my bad experience with BidZinga. Please investigate and publish as necessary:

    I shall include this unacceptable and inconsistent answer in my blog to reviewers. Your first reply to me about the flickering display was that no one seems to have experience it now you tell me a few people experienced it, granted that it may have been a poor internet connection but you owe it to me and the other paying customers to provide a trouble free and safe experience right? by tweaking the IT right!? That how professional businesses do it. I should have known better than to trust an unlisted PA site!

    Secondly how can you proclaim the auction for 11644 was fair despite the two blatant errors that you have just admitted? I just told you I was the fifth and last bidder with 2 seconds to go and would have been the $0.25 bid and it could not have been trustor who was the fourth at $0.20 and could not have been the next bidder as fifth & last at $0.25 as your system recorded it. You have the gall to tell me ‘We have just introduced this feature…’ and ‘…this does not make the difference’ and poor trustor he will have to be refunded $0.05! Are you telling me to swallow the whole thing, hook, line and sinker?! Look guys you have a serious problem here and you better face up to it.
    From: BidZinga Support
    To: dusty_s859@yahoo.com
    Sent: Sunday, April 10, 2011 9:00:40 AM
    Subject: [#614948] a whole lot of explaining

    — Do not edit below this when replying —

    Hey there Dusty Santos,

    The flickering display is due to a poor internet connection, nothing to do with the website. A few people have experienced the same problem. Trustor won the 10 Bid auction fairly. He/she bid after you and won. You are correct that it should be $0.20 and not $0.25. We have just introduced this feature and it must have added the wrong amount. However, this does not make a difference for who won the auction. The last bidder wins, this is how each auction ends. Trustor will only be required to pay $0.20 otherwise be refunded the $0.05. I’m sorry you haven’t won an auction yet but as you know bids are not refundable.

    Feel free to let us know if there is anything else we can help you out with!

    BidZinga.com Support Team

    Ticket History:

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