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We’re compiling a list of the worst rated penny auction sites here so that you guys know who to stay away from. ┬áMake sure you check this list frequently because it will be undergoing changes.

Swipe Auctions – Terrible customer service and you’ll have long wait times before you actually receive the products you’ve won. We recommend you stay away from these guys. They used to go by the name of SwipeBids.

BidRodeo – Way too much competition and very little product selection. This site will leave you frustrated when you find out how hard it is to win an auction. We went through a whole bid pack without winning anything.

BidCactus – This site has even more competition than BidRodeo so it’s almost impossible to win auctions. They do have good customer service though, but seriously, what’s the point if you’re not winning any products…

Jeaper – When we first reviewed Jeaper they were a decent penny auction site to use and we actually won some cool products from them. But recently we’ve received a lot of emails complaining about their customer service so we’ve decided to add them to our worst rated sites list. Maybe they can turn their act around and get back in the public good graces.

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6 Responses to Worst Rated Sites

  1. Ted says:

    I used to use eBay before but now I’m starting to hate it because everything is so expensive. I’ve used a couple of these “worst rated penny auction sites” and they really do suck. The top rated penny auction sites are definitely the way to go. Really appreciate you sharing this info

  2. Aaron R. says:

    REALLY SUCKS! Drawn in by the promo video and the low price per bid (surprisingly since I like to think I’m the king of buyer beware), I signed up for the $15 package. It was only afterwards that I found reams of complaints ranging from people not getting their winnings for months if at all to poor customer service to strong suspicion that the site uses bots to bid up the prices. What I haven’t read and it doesn’t please me to say this but quibids the product selection is so few and far in between that it’s like winning the auction just to nail down a closing bid worth trying for. No matter what time of day I check the site the next interesting bid is at least four hours away. This strategy not only guarantees that everybody fights over the same item but also promotes their text feature that gives you a heads up that an auction is about to open, except that it’ll cost you two bids. Therefore stay clear of this site. If the poor experience on the front end doesn’t kill you the poor customer service should you be “lucky” enough to win will.

  3. Aaron R. says:

    typo correction: but UNLIKE quibids.com

  4. John says:

    Add winnit to your list of worst penny auctions.

    I won an item, paid, and they banned my account the next day. After a week of trying to get a hold of tech support, they finally got back to me and demanded a ‘Government issued ID’ to reactivate my account.

    I sent it >< ya I know, but I blurred out my license number. They told me it was a 'fake id' and said if I wanted my items I would have to send them a 'high res copy with no blurred information'. Needless to say I never got my items.

    • randi ravenscroft says:

      WATCH OUT FOR TWICENICEDEALS AS WELL JOHN. How greedy and dumb are these jerks to try this? why not be honest and make 4x what they would make in the long run? I am starting to think I should start a penny auction and show them lol. A bid of better luck in the future John

  5. Juli Guthrie says:

    New penny auction site! Please come by and check it out, product selection is not vast yet BUT it just started out yesterday and will grow! Competition is not high as of now and there should be new software soon so it will look much nicer soon too! Most recently, a Kindle sold for 1.80, a 3DS for under 10 bucks.. Great great deals!

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