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One of the top penny auction sites to use if you live in the United States is BidSauce. This site has been receiving great reviews from everyone that uses it (including us), and the amount of testimonials people have sent us by email is pretty staggering.

One of the top benefits of BidSauce is that there’s very little competition to deal with. You can get new products without having to battle off a bunch of people in a bidding war. Also, you can expect great quality customer service from them and fast delivery times. They’re still not as good as BidRivals but they come pretty close.

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We recommend using them if you live in the United States. If you want to increase your chances of winning some really cool products sign up with BidRivals AND BidSauce.

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  1. Steve Nelson says:

    Penny Auctions are fun!
    Ever played a game of Scrabble? Or Monopoly? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? All games have an element of fun that makes them more exciting and more entertaining. Even if you don’t win an online auction, some people play it just for the fun. It’s like a regular game, only that there are real chances of wining something that might actually matter. It is not gambling though, you’re not risking any stakes. Although people have this tendency that they want to raise the stakes at time and a gambling trend is seen sometimes but that doesn’t spoil the fun either.
    The biggest entertainment that you get in an online bidding is the competition, unseen, unheard, cut-throat competition, that really involves the customer into the auction sites. The seller is like a guy standing at the back of a poker table where a few guys are stacking up some serious strategies to win the deal.

    Apart form the competition, the motivation to compete in an online bidding website is the product that is being competed for. Items that are high in demand really pack up some serious competition that makes every single bid count. People stay addictively glued to the monitors so that they can see the bidding to the end.
    Bidding in auction websites is like a race, really, where the trophy is the final product that will end up buying if you win. And if you don’t, you don’t get the trophy. All the competitors have their own strategies of marking up the pace with their own special bidding skills that helps them win the auctions. The race goes on for the designated time, and different people take the lead before the time ends and the best performer wins.
    Auction is about performing well in every single auction. The moment an auction starts, you have to be in your game to make sure you have the best strategy, knowing the competition can help you devise your strategy on time. Nevertheless, online auction is like a game where you have to be at your best. It’s a game of mind and strategy.

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