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We just finished up a review of BidRivals (Best International Site) and decided we might as well add one for DealFun since it’s our number 1 rated penny auction site for the United States.

After looking into DealFun, it’s clear they have their act together when it comes to satisfying customers. Unfortunately, they don’t cater to the International Market yet, but if you’re in the United States they’re currently the most legitimate penny auctions site to sign up with.

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They don’t have too much competition, so it’s pretty foolproof to win the items you want. When you win, expect delivery times of 4-5 days for your products. They also have really good customer service, and you can get a hold of them online through their live chat feature or by giving them a call.

DealFun is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for cheaper than retail items in the United States. If you’re outside of the states take a look at BidRivals.

Also, if you sign up with DealFun, make sure you purchase AT LEAST 100+ bids to start with. The more bids you buy in the beginning, the more chances you have to outbid the competition on the items you really want.

I hate it when I’m just about to win an item and I’ve used up a lot of bids against someone, only to find out I have completely run out of bids. So make sure you’re smart and always stock up on bids…

If you have a good testimonial (or a complaint) about DealFun, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We try to be as objective as possible!

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  1. mikie says:

    have you seen this penny auction site – banana bids, new but look good?

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