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Looking at some of the penny auction sites I’ve reviewed recently, I felt it necessary to talk about one in particular, BidRivals. There are a bunch of sites that you can use these days to bid on items at a discount, but there are only a handful of really good ones that have the best electronics and other premium products.

With Christmas around the corner, it’s important that you choose the right website to use when placing your bids at Penny Auctions. I tested out a couple of different ones and found that BidRivals is one of the top sites you can use for the following reasons:

  • They Accept People From All Countries
  • They have  a HUGE selection of Brand New items
  • Great Customer Service and Support
  • Super Fast Delivery Times
  • Medium Competition

In fact, the only problem I’ve ever had with them is that there seems to be a little more competition than some of the other sites.  But that’s not really important since they have a much bigger selection of items for you to choose from.  I guess the reason they have more competition is because they allow people from around the world to sign up — Not just the United States.

—> Click Here To Sign Up With BidRivals – Use Promo Code: great10

I use BidRivals on a pretty much daily basis and I’ve been able to get new iPhone 4’s, Pirelli Tires for my car along with a set of New Rims, a New Sony FlatScreen Television, and a bunch of other high ticket items at really cheap prices (we’re talking under $100 USD). Frankly, that’s amazing in and of itself, but what makes it better is that they delivered all these items in a matter of days (not weeks or months).

They also have amazing customer support, and trust me, I’m the type of person that can really be a pain in the butt when it comes to questions.

I recommend you start off with their 220 Bid Package, and then go from there. Use the bonus code: great10 to get 10 free bids on top. Also, whenever bidding on items try to make sure that you wait until the timer drops down to at least 50 seconds or less. Don’t start bidding when there’s still 10 minutes left because it’s just a waste of your bids.

Be sure to let me know how your experiences go with them, send me any of your emails and questions.

Happy Bidding!

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  1. Jack Wilson says:

    Helped me a lot, just what I was looking for : D. I found the GPS system I was looking for and I won it!

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