Three Big Penny Auction Sites Unite To Stop Complaints

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Just today we were surfing the internet looking for news on penny auctions when we stumbled on an article talking about three big penny auction sites that are creating a trade organization. What this basically means is that they’re creating a reputation management company. Although the article stated that their main objective is to “promote integrity in the industry”, I doubt very much that that’s what they’re going to be doing.

The three sites that formed this trade organization are, BidCactus, Swoopo, and BigDeal. We’ve conducted reviews on these sites (aside from BigDeal) and found that they were some of the poorer faring penny auction sites out there.

This news comes at a time when Quibids just had a class action lawsuit filed against it for deceptive marketing practices. ¬†Apparently, one man spent $51 at Quibids and since he didn’t win anything he decided to file a lawsuit with the hope that he’d get millions of dollars. Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

From the looks of things, forming this organization could either be a good or bad thing. Only time will tell. Hopefully, these three companies will do some in house cleaning before trying to dictate how other penny auction sites run their business though.

As long as big government doesn’t end up interfering in penny auctions, all should be well. But we all know how much the government likes to throw the label gambling everywhere…

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