Swoopo Scam – Why You Should Stay Away From Swoopo!

Swoopo Scam - Why You Should Stay Away From Swoopo!, 4.8 out of 10 based on 25 ratings
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Unfortunately for Swoopo they’ve managed to get on our bad side in terms of being a penny auction site that has tons of negative reviews. It seems they’re just another site that doesn’t live up to the standards.

We did some research on them and found out that they have a streak of long delivery times, huge competition when it comes to placing bids, and horrid customer service.

If you’re up to the challenge of trying to win a product using Swoopo then I sure hope you’ve stocked up on bids. You can expect to use up 270+ bids just to win one product. Which means you’d be much better off choosing one of our top rated penny auction sites instead!

In the off chance that you do win something using Swoopo, you better be ready to wait for the product to be delivered. We’ve heard of delivery times as long as two months with them.

So, you should think twice before using Swoopo and opt for one of these sites instead. As always, make sure to get a larger bid pack when first starting out (250+ bids) if you want to have the best chance to win.

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