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I’ve been seeing advertisements pop up for a new type of online auction site called StealBids. According to a lot of my friends and reviews online, by using this penny auction site, you can purchase brand new iPads, iPods, and a bunch of other things for less than than retail prices. Being the natural skeptic that I am, I still doubted that it was possible to buy brand new items for such a cheap price. I decided to give it a test and find out whether or not it really works once and for all…

I started off by going to the StealBids website and taking a look around at the different deals they had going on. I saw a lot of cool new electronics that were being sold for very little money, so naturally, I became pretty interested. Ever since the new iPhone 4 came out, I’ve been wanting to get one.

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With StealBids you have to buy a “bid package” to start bidding. I bought 300 bids (400 bids when I used the coupon code swipe100ex). I figured I’d have the best chance of getting the items I was looking for if I started off with a lot of bids.

Next, I looked around for the new iPhone 4GS and I found one of them up for auction right away. If you’re not familiar with the way Penny Auctions work, here’s basically what happens: There’s a timer that’s counting down towards zero and any time someone places a bid, the price of the item increases by $0.01 and ten seconds is added to the timer. When the timer goes to zero, the last person who placed a bid gets the item for the listed auction price.

Anyway, I really wanted to get that new iPhone 4GS, so I decided I’d start bidding on it when there were only 10 seconds left on the timer. I bid back and forth against someone for awhile, and in the end I used up 25 bids, but I actually won the auction! The listed auction price ended up being $12 from all the bidding that went on. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually able to get the exact item I wanted within 30 minutes of using StealBids. That’s an iPhone 4GS for $12 and 25 bids! But Here’s where the problem came in, it took them over 4 weeks to deliver my new iPhone.  I wasn’t thrilled with their customer service or their delivery times, so I found a site that works even better called zBiddy.

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Overall StealBids is still a decent Penny Auctions site to use if you don’t mind bad customer service and long delivery times. After trying out a couple of different sites though, I now recommend a site called ZBiddy (they have super fast delivery times, and outstanding customer service + a B+ rating with the Better Business Bureau).

Now I’m getting the newest products for less than retail. I’m even thinking about bidding on a new car soon. Overall, I’d definitely recommend ZBiddy to other people, as it really works. I kind of don’t want to let this secret out though because that’s going to mean more competition.

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9 Responses to StealBids Review – The TRUTH ABOUT STEALBIDS

  1. Jackie Merlin says:

    Only desire to say your write-up is astounding. The clearness within your article is merely striking and i can hold for granted you are an professional on this subject. nicely collectively with your permission permit me to grab your rss feed to retain as an amazing offer as day with forthcoming post. many thanks a million and please retain up the ac complished work.

  2. Majesty Scooter says:

    Thanks for placing up this article. I’m unquestionably frustrated with struggling to research out pertinent and rational commentary on this matter. everyone now goes in the direction of the amazingly much extremes to possibly generate home their viewpoint that either: everyone else within earth is wrong, or two that everyone but them does not genuinely recognize the situation. pretty numerous many thanks for the concise, pertinent insight.

  3. ZieBart says:

    I tried SwipeBids when they were still around and I didn’t win a thing… I thought all penny auctions were scams after using them.
    But I recently tried DealFun like you guys recommended and I won a new Xbox. dealfun is def a legit site because they delivered it to me already with the warranty and everything like you said. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new way to shop!

  4. Sed Lack says:

    Great review of dealFun. I never ended up trying out swipebids but I can vouch highly for Deal Fun because I’ve been using them for past month and have had no problems whatsoever. Their customer service rocks

    • Annalie says:

      Give aabids .com a try. There’s no better way to win BIG than winning on a new established penny auction website.

  5. Heather Consigli says:

    DealFun is the best penny auction site I’ve used to date. I had a problem with a product I won because it got damaged while being shipped to my house. I called them up and they took it back with no questions asked. Love using them :)

  6. Jennings says:

    By a long shot, one of the best articles l have come across on penny auctions. I really like your writing style, and I love using penny auctions to find discounts… they’re so much fun!!!!

  7. Natalie says:

    Hey all, have you ever felt scammed on a penny auction site? Or do you love sites like DealFun? I am doing a class project and DESPERATELY need help researching the penny auction industry. If you could please take this 5 minute survey, it would help SO MUCH!

    Thank you!

  8. penny auction says:

    We are running the new auction site. Is there any possibility to be listed on this website?

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