How Penny Auction Sites Can Avoid Lawsuits!

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There’s a growing trend in the penny auction industry of new auction sites being attacked by lawyers. Of course, this is to be expected on some level in the United States, especially when penny auction sites are an easy target. Just take Quibids for example, it’s the biggest penny auction site in the country, and it’s now facing a legal battle over a customer who spent $50 and didn’t win anything.

However, there are steps penny auction sites can take to prevent legal troubles and lawsuits in the first place. Obviously, the first step is to make their penny auction sites as fair as possible, and to prevent cheating. The customers need some reassurance that if they lose, it’s because they actually lost and not because they were facing a bot.

Another step they can take is to actually refund people who are extremely dissatisfied with the services. If someone is kicking up a fuss and threatening to speak with their lawyer, or local attorney general, it’s most likely a good idea to just give them their money back and prevent them from using the site again.

One more good thing that penny auction site owners can do is hire good attorneys, and start forming joint lobby groups. If these huge penny auction sites form coalitions, and start lobbying now, they might be able to prevent new legislation from being passed that would stunt their business.

Of course, anyone can sue anybody for anything. But these steps should help prevent most lawsuits from happening in the first place, and should make it hard for someone to actually win in court.

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