Deal Dash Has Interesting Plans…

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Deal Dash is a penny auction site that a lot of people seem to know about. It’s actually a pretty good site to use and they are pretty transparent about the way they operate. They actually recently decided to join the Penny Auction Association (and frankly I didn’t know there was such a thing).

I think its great that penny auction sites are forming a coalition and trying to clean up the industry on their own. They probably sense that if they don’t get rid of all the problems there’s going to be upcoming legislation prohibiting them from operating in the United States.

Deal Dash is a fairly established, older penny auction site, and they started up in early 2009. ¬†Although you have access to auctions 24/7, you’ll find that the best deals usually happen around 6-10 pm.

Using them allows you to find pretty much any products you’re looking for, whether it’s electronics, or just kitchen appliances. If people are bidding on it, they pretty much have it!

What’s also great about Deal Dash is that they also implement the Buy It Now button which allows you to use all the bids you lost towards purchasing the product at its full price. I’ve had to use the buy it now option several times on other auction sites, and I always like knowing that my bids aren’t going completely to waste if I don’t win.

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