BidUs Review – Is BidUs A Scam Too?!

BidUs Review - Is BidUs A Scam Too?!, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
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Here’s one more penny auction site to add to the list of sites you shouldn’t use. It’s called BidUs and caters to customers living in the United States. Someone left a comment on our site about how BidUs was a scam that used bots to place bids, so we decided to have a look into it ourselves.

After trying to win several different auctions on BidUs, we found that we would always get outbid at the very last second by what appeared to be a bot. We can’t be sure it was though, but the possibility is definitely there.

Either way, BidUs has turned out to be one of the lower quality penny auction sites on the internet, just because of how hard it is to win auctions.

You’re better off not taking the risk by using BidUs and opting for one of our Top Rated Penny Auction sites instead.

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  1. J Fuflen says:

    Im a taxi driver around gatwick, uk. Love the blog as its helped me get some big price discounts on my christmas shopping, thanks mate!

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