BidRodeo Review – WARNING: Bid Rodeo Exposed!

BidRodeo Review - WARNING: Bid Rodeo Exposed!, 4.8 out of 10 based on 28 ratings
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We wanted to warn our readers about another penny auction site we’ve heard about that hasn’t really worked well for us.  The name of the site is BidRodeo and from what people have told us, you should probably stay away from using this site. After hearing bad things about it, we decided to do some more research for ourselves and see if the complaints were real or just bad publicity.

After signing up to BidRodeo and buying a bid package, we found that the site lacked products. They didn’t have as much to bid on as other bid sites like BidSauce, Ziinga and BidRivals. They also had a ton of competition on the few items they did have to bid on. Things didn’t look good for them…

After trying to win a 5-10 auctions, we realized that it’s super hard to actually win anything with them. The competition is huge, and for the small amount of product selection they have, it’s not worth the trouble.

We can’t really speak on their customer service or their delivery times because we weren’t able to win ANY auctions before using up our first bid package. Once we used it up we gave up and called it quits.

We’re not going to say they’re a scam, because for all we know they could be a legitimate site. But from our initial tests we will say there are a bunch of much better penny auction sites you can use.

If you’re thinking about using BidRodeo we want you to exercise caution. In all honesty, you’ll be much better off if you use BidSauce, Ziinga, or BidRivals instead. These sites don’t have a bunch of competition and they have a much wider selection of products to choose from.  Make sure you use the coupon codes listed elsewhere in our other posts if you sign up to any of these auction sites.

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One Response to BidRodeo Review – WARNING: Bid Rodeo Exposed!

  1. Sutherland says:

    man, penny auctions are amazing if you know what you’re doing. I wish you wouldn’t give away the secrets about which sites to use though cuz that’s going to bring more competition…

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