BidRack Review – Not A Good Penny Auction Site?

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Bidrack is a new penny auction site that we decided to review recently. It’s one of the top penny auction websites on the Internet right now, and a lot of people have been sending us some comments about it asking us for a review.

After trying out Bidrack the best thing we’ve found is that you should decide whether you want an easy penny auction website or a penny auction site that can be difficult but might win you some products that are good.

Bidrack has some good products to bid on but it also has quite a bit of competition. The competition can be difficult but in the end it has to do with the strategies you use and how willing you are to go the distance in these auctions.

Personally we wouldn’t recommend using BidRack unless you already have some experience in these auctions. If you’re completely new to these type of auctions then you should probably stick with a different penny auction site until you learn the proper techniques for winning.

We don’t have all the answers so we don’t want to mislead you, but after looking at different penny auction websites we would still that Bidrack is one of the top sites on the Internet.

If you end up trying Bidrack let us know how your experience was and give us some information on your wins and losses.

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One Response to BidRack Review – Not A Good Penny Auction Site?

  1. JackMonterey says:

    Just finished my first penny auction and I gotta say thats exciting! WOW! I didnt end up winning, but what a rush.

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