BidInstant Review – Are People Finding Great Deals On

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BidInstant is a penny auction site that offers a lot of discounts on high technology products like brand new televisions, and games like call of duty modern warfare. They also have several live auctions for gift cards ranging from $50-$500.

From what we’ve seen they’re only two months old, so they’re one of the newer penny auction sites on the market, but that hasn’t stopped them from providing users with some good deals.

We don’t advise penny auction users to use sites that are relatively new, you’re better off waiting until a site has developed some sort of reputation before you use them. But if you’re looking to try new sites out because you want to have a better chance of winning high tech products, then BidInstant might be a good fit for you.

From the research we did on their website, we didn’t see a 1800 customer service number prominently displayed, which is something that we usually look for in new sites. Also it seemed the only way to contact customer support was through a contact form or via email, that put us a little off guard.

Nevertheless, BidInstant might still be a great penny auction site to use for large discounts, and we’re not able to comment on that directly yet since we didn’t purchase a bid pack with them.

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    Keep writing these articles on auction sites, they’ve helped me develop a winning strategy of my own. Although, I disagree with some of your views…

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