BidCactus Review – Should You Sign Up With BidCactus?

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BidCactus has been around for quite a long time in the penny auctions arena. In fact, from our research, they’re listed as one of the largest penny auction sites in the world. However, this is never a guarantee that they’re the best site. From our review, it’s actually reasonable to say that they aren’t that good. Here’s why:

Since BidCactus is such a big site, there are so many more people on there trying to compete with you for products. We signed up and tested this out for ourselves, and lo and behold, it was nearly impossible for us to win any of the auctions we got into. We ended up using up 250+ bids and only getting one product – which pretty much meant we could have gone to the store and just bought it outright.

The next problem that we encountered with BidCactus is that the delivery times were slow. It took almost a month before we received the product we had won. Why wait a month for something that we could have received in one week with other sites?

A final problem that we had with BidCactus was that the people bidding on that site are crazy. Some of them  love throwing bids around for no reason. One guy kept bidding against us for a whole thirty minutes, until WE finally gave up.

The people that use BidCactus are more experienced and aren’t as easy to beat, either that, or they have deep pockets and use penny auction sites just for the thrill of it.

Nonetheless, one good thing we have to say about BidCactus is that they have great customer service. They’ll help you out if you give them a call and are there to answer any questions you have. That alone makes them better than 40% of the penny auction sites out there.

But in a nutshell, you should stay away from BidCactus if you actually want to get new products for a low price. Go in expecting to pay the same price as you would in a store. On the other hand, if you just like the thrill of penny auctions then go ahead and sign up with them, some of the people there will give you a run for your money (literally).

If you’re looking for penny auction sites where you stand a great chance of winning the newest products for dirt cheap prices then sign up with BidSauce , Ziinga or BidRivals. Check out our other posts for exclusive bonus codes for these sites.

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