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We’re a  review site that specializes in analyzing Penny Auctions and finding out which sites are legitimate and which are fakes. If you have any questions or comments regarding these types of auction sites, please send us an email: admin@pennyauctionsreview.org

Thank you!

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  1. Steve Easley says:

    I would love to talk to you about our site.

  2. Gary Krupa says:

    I appreciate that you reviewed the Penny Auction sites. The reviews sound very encouraging. Can you provide some information about yourselves, such as your name(s), background(s), interest(s) and where your site originates from? That would make your site more personal and add credibility, at least for me.


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  4. admin says:

    Hey Gary, we’ll try and get something more written up in the about section soon, didn’t have time to really put too much into it. Here’s a brief rundown on us though:

    My brother and I made this blog, we both have our own families and have been using penny auction sites for awhile. With Christmas coming up we figured now would be a good time to launch and help other people get cheaper products. Our plan is to make this a “go to site” for reviews on penny auctions and if it gains enough traction we’ll put up a donate button so that the site can pay for itself.

    This is a part time hobby for us. I work as an accountant, while my brother is a software engineer. We should clarify that some of these reviews are ours and some have been sent to us by people like you. We test out all the sites before posting the reviews up though and make sure they’re legit.

    Thats it for a quick rundown, but we should have a pretty lengthy bio coming in the future (lol not sure how exciting that is for you readers).

    Let us know if there’s any other questions you need answered.

    • Gary Krupa says:

      Thanks for providing background information that I requested. I think your website can only become more valuable to users of penny auction sites, and penny auction site owners as this phenomenon grows in popularity.

      I haven’t replied since last month but I’ve been thinking a lot about buying bids on one of the Penny Auction sites, especially DealFun, the one you gave the highest rating to. I’ve been hesitant about buying the bids for only one reason: I can’t tell if I’ll be able to bid on items I’m interested in buying. For example, would I be able to bid on an external hard drive, video camera or iPhone (4)? I didn’t see those items pictured on any of the penny auction sites I visited. There’s no search box, no archive or list of items to be auctioned or that have already been auctioned, as there is on eBay. Nor is there a way of knowing whether such information will be available if I buy bids. I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait before the items I’m looking for become available. I thought I looked pretty carefully for the information.

      I imagine that other prospective users of penny auction sites have this same concern. It can thus be helpful to many people who want to save money if you’d provide assurance that users will have the opportunity to purchase what they want or need shortly after investing in bids.

      • admin says:

        Hi Gary,
        Thank you for the kind comments about our site. You’re right about not being able to search for specific products you want, unfortunately, that happens to be one of the limitations of penny auction sites in general.

        If you’re looking to only purchase a specific product, then it might be best to look for a deal on ebay instead. You’ll most likely be waiting a long time before you see the exact products you want up for auction on Bidrivals, and even that isn’t a guarantee that you’ll win them.

        We like penny auction sites because it gives us the chance to win something big at a really low price… like a new T.V., but when we have an exact product we want in mind we generally don’t turn to penny auction sites.

        Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns, and hopefully we can address them for you.

  5. Jon Ruprecht says:

    We are working on launching a new site where instead of the price going up with every bid the price will go down. We are going to beta this weekend and would like it if you could beta test our site and give us feedback.


  6. Jon says:

    Check out the site at bid2free. Every bid that is placed the price goes down not up!

  7. arnaud adam says:

    Could you please contact me please ?

    Kind regards

  8. Tyler Feaster says:


    Your site is very interesting! I would like you to consider reviewing and posting about our site operated under GT Auctions, Inc — YourPennyWins.com

    Excellent feedback on PennyAuctionScore.com, PennyAuctionWatch.com Forums, PennyBurners.com Forums and we have started our Testimonials page. We are also in the process of being verified on PennyBurners.com

    We look forward to hearing from you!

    Vice President
    GT Auctions, Inc.
    www. yourpennywins.com

  9. Mary says:

    Dealdash has to be the biggest scam around! I spent well over $1000 and received about $400 worth of winnings. When I decided to return a product that I had purchased with the but it now feature, they say they have to charge me a restocking fee of $264 for a TV. That is ridiculous. Maybe $10 or $20. C’mon. Obviously I will never ever bid at that site again.

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