A Guide to Finding the Best Penny Auction Sites

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Online penny auction sites are everywhere these days.  In fact, it is hard to escape them, with their continually-present web advertisements boasting iPads and iPhones for just a couple of dollars and their invasive email advertising techniques that seem more like spam.  Despite their poor marketing techniques, there are several penny auction sites that are both credible and well worth the time and money spent on them.  The key to finding the best penny auction sites is to do your homework.

To begin, I strongly recommend against spending money on any website without checking a few things prior to handing over a credit card number. This is true for any penny auction website, even our favorite called GrabSwag. The first test I use is what I call the instinct-test.  Of course, this test entails exactly what the name implies.  I browse the website for awhile and then use my better judgment on whether I think the site is credible or not.  One important thing that I look for when trying to find the best penny auction sites is transparency.  A good auction site will have clear and concise rules and instructions that explain how to use their auctions.  Additionally, these instructions should be easy to find and easy to read (meaning no fine print).  When these things are not present, I typically put up a mental red flag.

Another important tool that I use in deciding which of the penny auction websites are the best and deserve my support is the Better Business Bureau.  This agency has a very helpful website that grades businesses based on their performance, reliability and customer satisfaction.  In addition, the website keeps track of customer complaints as well as resolutions.  You can check the grade and customer complaint history of any business by performing a simple search on the BBB’s website.  If the penny auction website has a poor grade or many unresolved customer complaints, it is probably a good idea to avoid that company.

More tools that I use when deciding whether an auction site deserves my patronage or not, are online reviews. One must be very careful when evaluating company reviews that have been posted on the internet, because the source may or not be very reliable.  I tend to steer clear of any reviews that are posted directly on the penny auction’s website, as these will most likely be biased anyway.  On top of that, one must also watch out for fake reviews that have been written by someone who has never actually use the service before.  On top of that, there may be reviews out there that are irrelevant and complaints are caused simply because the customer failed to learn how penny auctions work before spending money.  Moreover, be wary of any reviews that seem overly positive and sound like a sales-pitch, as these are probably (but not always) sponsored by the auction company.  The most important thing to remember when reading reviews is that you must make a judgment call on whether you should trust the information or not.

By doing a bit of research and using your skills of judgment, you are sure to find the best penny auction sites and the best online shopping deals.  While the tools I listed above can be quite helpful in your search, you may also want to ask friends or family members who use penny auctions for a recommendation.  Products or companies that have been recommended by trusted friends and family members are often well worth their cost.
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